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Awesome unconventional ways to remove pet hair from your carpet.

Pet owners all have the same problems when it comes to sharing our homes with our four-legged friends. Awesome unconventional ways to remove pet hairs from your carpet. Remove pet fur from carpet. The fur is everywhere, especially on the carpets! Getting rid of the animal is out of the question, so what are we supposed to do? Vacuuming regularly helps but the fur still seems to linger.

There are other simple ways of moving pet hair with everyday products you already have in your home.

Sponge mop: This can be achieved by lightly spraying a sponge mop with water and mopping the carpet. It will lift the fur, and you can push it into a pile and pick it up.

Window squeegee: attach a window squeegee and an old mop handle and rake it across your carpet. It will collect in a pile which can be easily vacuumed.

Lint roller: Just like you roll the lint roller over your clothes to remove pet hair, the same can be done on the carpet, sofa, and chairs. Some companies even sell attachments to make rolling it on the carpet easier.

Fabric softener: Add one part fabric softener and three parts water to a spray bottle. Lightly spray your carpet and let it dry. Run the vacuum over the entire area and the fur should come up with ease.

Rubber bristle brush: This is an excellent tool for removing fur from the carpet. One side has fine bristols and the other bigger bristols for tougher jobs. Just brush the carpet and rack the pet hair into a pile and vacuum it up.

Deshedding gloves: This not only works on removing loose hair from your pet but also helps to collect it from the carpet and furniture.

Our furry friends make life better in every way possible. If you are still having trouble with pet hair or maybe pet stains contact Gator Clean and we can get you all set up!

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