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Holiday Plants that are Toxic to Pets.

The holidays always bring good cheer, but there are few things pet owners should be aware of.Holiday Plants that are Toxic to Your Pets. While we love traditional holiday plants, some can be toxic to our furry little friends. Pets are generally curious about new things popping up all over the house, especially ones that they could potentially turn into a meal.

Some plants can do more harm than others to our pets. Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are moderately toxic if ingested but could leave a rash on an animal's sensitive skin.

Mistletoe, on the other hand, could do some harm to a dog or cat. When ingested they could have gastrointestinal upset, as well as a slow heartbeat, changes in mental function, and have a hard time breathing. It is recommended to keep these plants far out of reach of curious pets.

The Holly berry has been known to cause diarrhea, vomiting, apathy and upset stomach. If your pet has ingested one of these berries, they should be seen by your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Two other plants to avoid around your pets are Amaryllis and Daffodils. These can cause a variety of undesirable symptoms including vomiting, loss of appetite, acting depressed and upset stomach.

Gator Clean wishes you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!


Easy tips to get that funky smell out of your home.

Does your home have a certain funky smell that you can't seem to get rid of? How to get rid of odors in your home. Maybe you just fried up some fresh fish, or you have a cat or two for pets, and their litterbox stinks up the whole house? Or perhaps it could be something else entirely that you just can't seem to pinpoint and shove outside. Here you might learn why your house smells, and how you can get rid of that lingering scent and breathe deep in your own home again.
So there are primary household smells that are easy to identify and though not always easy to get rid of, are possible to clear out. This is your cooking odors and general animal/human odors. These are usually easy to get rid of with some general scrubbing and spray, or using a mixture of bleach and water to clear out the smell. These smells could linger and stay trapped in your home if you have a lot of carpets, or it could even get stuck to the walls and leave a funky smelling film that isn't too pleasant. We'll visit that problem next.

Smells lingering in your carpet and walls could be from last night's dinner or even last YEAR'S. Bad smells like to stick around, especially in painted walls and soaked through carpets. Steps to get the bad smells from these require a little more work than an air freshener or scrubbing with soap and water. Steam cleaning your carpets is the best option for renewing your floors and washing away the stink. It's basically like giving your carpets a much-needed bath. As for the walls, the best options here are to use a warm white vinegar solution. Diluted with water, the vinegar's strong scent is still there and will get rid of any lingering smells or stains from your painted walls. Another solution is one used with ammonia, a minimal amount (only about a tablespoon) added to a cup of warm water - though you can use more ammonia if you feel the terrible smell is too strong and needs something stronger to combat it. Let this mixture sit on the walls for about 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water; it will clear away any stains as well as stinks.

Do you have a dishwasher? Do you remember the last time you cleaned it? If not, this could be a MAJOR source of stinkiness in your home. Something so beautiful that it washes the dishes for you also needs to be cleaned out of all that stuff it washed off those dirty dishes. Old food, soap scum, and whatever else could be lingering in the confines of a dishwasher and it isn't a pretty smell. The solution for this is straightforward, at least once a month you should be running a cup of vinegar through your dishwasher to clean out any odors or nasty stains that you can't see. Baking soda is also a dominant component in cleaning a dishwasher and is as simple as you just sprinkling it over the bottom before running the machine. Cleaning the trap and filter is a big part of this too. This is where most of the icky stuff is, and though it's not a fun job to clean it, it's easier if it's done monthly, so you don't get any nasty surprises if left unchecked for months.

One last quick tip that could save your home from smells and a possible electrical fire; if your house smells like fish and you haven't cooked/fried any fish in quite a long time, this could be an indicator of a major electrical problem. A burnt fishy smell where no fish are being cooked has been found to come from a burnt outlet. Any outlet or electrical wiring that emits this kind of odor is in danger of becoming an even more significant, more dangerous hazard if ignored or covered up with a scented candle or air freshener. Keep any electrical wires or outlets away from sources of heat in your home if possible, because this could be what's causing them to overheat and become burnt - or it's terrible wiring all together.

Every house deserves to smell like it's brand new; don't keep putting off those weird smells. Ban bad odors in your home today!

If you have tried these tips and nothing seems to be working, contact Gator Clean for a Whole Home Odor Removal


Don’t Leave Your Dryer Running Unattended…Here’s Why.

According to Consumer Reports, each year, firefighters across the country respond to around 14,630 home fires caused by clothes dryers. Don't leave your dryer unattended. Clothes dryer fire.

"Dryer fires are responsible for nine deaths, 420 civilian injuries, and $222 million in property damage annually," says Marty Ahrens, a spokesperson for the National Fire Protection Association.

Fires are often discovered by neighbors when a homeowner has left home, leaving their dryer unattended. Unattended running dryers often hide fire risks like clogged vents or lint filters, clothes stained with flammable substances, or outdated ducts.

Remember to have your vents and ducts inspected and cleaned regularly. If you're noticing your dryer taking longer than usual to dry laundry, you may have a blocked duct. One way to test for this issue is to go outside and look at the exterior dryer vent. If you don't feel exhaust air while you're dryer is running, your duct may be clogged with lint.

If someone in your household has been exposed to flammable substances like gas, cooking oil, or paint thinner, it's a good idea to wash those clothes separately, and more than once, then hang them to dry. If it's necessary to put them in the dryer, use your dryer's lowest heat setting and a cooling down cycle.

It is always a good idea to have your dryer ducts cleaned periodically by a professional like Gator Clean. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 


Leave your vehicle upholstery cleaning to us!

Your car can hold many allergy triggers, such as dust and dirt dander, in fact, it can house as many allergens as your than your home does. Leave your vehicle upholstery cleaning to us! We seem to spend half our lives in our cars and even if you try very hard to keep it from getting dirty; food, dust, dander and other yucky things still get caught in all the tiny corners. Sneezing while driving with a good indicator you or your car contains a considerable amount of allergy triggers too.

Contaminates like soil, grease, and dirt are brought into your vehicle continually. Also, the natural oil from your skin and hair can cause damage to your upholstery after only a few months. If you have kids or pets you know they are like ticking time bombs for allergens.

Gator Clean uses the same processes that we use to clean your home's upholstery and applies it to your vehicle. This isn't just detailing, this is deep cleaning to make your car's interior like new again. The results are always stunning. We deep clean in places you've never even thought of to clean in your car. Our handheld tools are made just for vehicle interiors, and our technicians use powerful truck mounted steam cleaning systems to clean every little crevice of your vehicle.

For your convenience, we come to your home or business and cleans your vehicle on your schedule.

Contact Gator Clean today and get your car interior as clean as new, you will be glad you did!


Your Dirty Little Secret.

The environmental system air ducts and vents in your home are often overlooked, many cannot even recall the last time they were inspected or cleaned. Cleaning air ducts. According to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, "In a typical six-room house, up to 40 pounds of dust is created each year through everyday living."

Contrary to what many believe, duct and vent cleaning may have health advantages. Keeping them clean might even reduce your energy bills and extend the life of your heat and air system.

When your ducts are dirty the indoor air quality of your home is decreasing. This is because of the popularity of high-efficiency windows, doors, and increased insulation that reduces the amount of air transfer between inside and out. These fixtures are great in other ways like reducing energy costs and making a room more comfortable; however, they often do not have any additional ventilation, causing pollutants to enter and stay inside the home instead of finding a way out.

Gator Clean professional duct cleaning services use vacuums, specialized blowers, and brushes to clean out the all the ducts throughout the home. Duct cleaning involves a complete cleaning of the air handler, grilles, registers, housings, fans, motors, and coils of the HVAC system.

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