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Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked.

There are common misconceptions about carpet cleaning that may have left you misinformed and misguided about taking care of your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked Well, we’re here to put those myths to rest and help you understand the facts about carpet cleaning.

Myth #1: Carpet Cleaning Shrinks Your Carpet: FALSE

Unless your carpet is left extremely wet, your carpet will not shrink after it’s cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners do not allow this to occur, but always play it safe and check the dampness of your carpet following a cleaning.

Myth #2: Following the Purchase of New Carpet, I Should Wait a Few Years to Have it Cleaned: FALSE

Just because you can’t see all of the dirt and subtle stains in your specific type of carpet, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Whether you can see it or not, dirt and debris act as abrasives. These cause your carpet to wear, to lose fiber protection, and possibly even some color loss. Waiting years to clean new carpet also adds to health problems like allergies, respiratory trouble, and skin infection and irritation.

Myth #3: Only Carpet With Noticeable Stains Needs to be Cleaned: FALSE

As mentioned in Myth #2, dirt and debris build-up is not always noticeable. To get the most quality and life out of your carpet, it’s recommended they be cleaned professionally at least once per year - especially if you have pets or children at home.

Myth #4: I Can Clean My Carpet Just as Well With a Rental Machine: FALSE
For small stains or routine house cleaning, rental machines are convenient. However, most machines lack the suction power that professional machines have. Your stain might be loosened by a rental machine, but you’ll still be left with residue or damaged carpet padding.

The best way to get clean and fresh carpets is to contact Gator Clean. Fill out our free quote request today! 


Hire a Pro When Cleaning Terrazzo Floors.

Although terrazzo floors are not actually marble, their specific cleaning requirements are very much the same. Terrazzo floor cleaningTerrazzo flooring is made from a combination of marble chips and concrete. This floor style gained popularity during Roman and Venetian times when marble was commonly used for sculptures, furniture, and floors and there were leftover scraps.

Stonemasons, in those days, transported the marble scraps, mixed them with concrete and created an entirely different type of floor that was cleaned and polished using goat's milk. Terrazzo floors, much like marble, are expensive, delicate and relatively high maintenance.

We find that a common mistake our terrazzo floor customers make is treating the floor like granite. Terrazzo is much softer than granite - so they stain and wear more often, and the damage that occurs from handling them like granite is often extensive.

A thin layer of wax must be kept on terrazzo floors for protection, and acidic or abrasive cleaning products cause damage that's hard to bounce back from. An initial professional terrazzo floor cleaning surface often requires a complete buffing and refinishing of the entire surface.

Professional floor cleaning service personnel uses products and techniques specifically designed to keep terrazzo floors in tip-top condition and protect them from future damage and wear. Contact Gator Clean today for a free quote for your terrazzo floor cleaning.


Why it is important to clean dryer vents regularly.

We've come a long way in drying our clothes, from outdoor clotheslines to top of the line electric dryers.Cleaning dryer vents. Dryers give users a warm set of sheets in just a few moments versus the hours it could spend on a line, depending on the weather. Although electric dryers come with this convenience, it's not something you want to plug in and ignore. Here you will find why it's important to have your dryer vents cleaned out regularly.

Cleaning out your dryer vents on a regular basis ensures that your dryer will be working efficiently and drying your clothes properly. A sign that you may need to clean out the vents is still feeling slight dampness in the clothes after the dryer finishes its cycle. Clogged vents prevent air flow, which means all those wet clothes are just going to be slightly less wet, and have an odor. Another thought to keep in mind is that a clogged vent runs the risk of creating a fire! Lint and other debris can find its way into the vents, which backs up exhaust gases and could ignite a fire.

Keeping up with dryer vent maintenance is very do it yourself. Cleaning out the lint trap and the outside vent cap is a simple and easy task, but it is recommended that you have your dryer professionally maintained at least once a year. The professional maintenance time does vary though, as for a single person it could be once a year, but a family of four may need multiple checkups.

Get in touch with your local professionals, Gator Clean, for a thorough cleaning of your dryer vents today! Rainy season is coming back, and no one wants to dry their clothes outside in a thunderstorm!


Why is my house siding green?

Typically, rain is a good thing, right? With fresh water falling from the sky, should rinse off our cars and our house, leaving them cleaner. Why is my house siding green? Too much rain, however, often makes it more difficult to keep your home's exterior siding clean. While it's true that rain cleans a certain amount of surface gunk, it also contributes to the green siding. That's why Spring is the perfect time to get your house shiny and new for the rest of the year!

Humidity levels
Humidity levels are lower in the Spring than they will be by Summer. Humidity attracts mold and mildew to your home's exterior - this causes it to look dirty and poses a health risk to your family and guests. When humidity levels are still manageable in the Spring, it is crucial to have a professional pressure washing service that will make your exterior look like new again, and dually ensure that mold and mildew disappear from your home's exterior.

Rule of thumb: clean it once a year
If you're still not sure how often to pressure wash your home's exterior, a good rule of thumb is to have it cleaned annually - during Spring. Including exterior pressure washing in your spring cleaning routine gives you the time to hire a power washing professional, like Gator Clean, to use the proper chemicals and equipment to make your home's exterior look shiny and new.


What’s Better for Allergies: Carpet or Hardwood Floors?

Allergy sufferers are always looking for ways to reduce the allergens in their homes so they can breath easier. What’s Better for Allergies, Carpet or Hardwood Floors The material on your floors could potentially contribute to or help reduce allergy triggers. Yes, sweeping and vacuuming can help, but you could stop sneezing fits just by changing the very floor under your feet.

It's a common misconception that hardwood or tile floors help reduce allergens. Actually, the opposite is true. It turns out that carpet can keep your allergies at bay by acting as a filter for all of the annoying little things that give you a stuffy nose. A properly cleaned carpet can even help prevent asthma attacks.

How does this work? You may be wondering. The answer is…science. More specifically, gravity. What goes up must come down, way down! When dust particles, pet dander. And pollen is in the air they eventually float down and settle all the way to the very bottom of your carpet. Then they are safely sucked up into the vacuum instead of up your nose.

When you have hardwood floors or even tile, the household particles keep getting kicked up as everyone walks around. It turns out carpet is a fantastic clean air filter after all.

Of course, no matter what kind of flooring you have in your home, keeping them clean is the best way to reduce allergens. We also recommend frequent deep cleaning for all floor types by a professional like Gator Clean.

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