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Balding - It’s not just a problem for hair

carpet balding carpet beetleHave you noticed bald patches on areas of your own carpets, or on the carpets at someone else’s house? With the fibers missing, the patches look like bald spots and often there are small bits of what appear to be shreds of wood or paper near the bald areas.

Wondering what these bald patches are? Well, it’s not that the carpet is disintegrating or happens to have heavy traffic in those specific places. It’s actually something a little more unpleasant: an infestation of carpet beetles or carpet moths. This is not a reflection of you as a housekeeper - they’re actually common and can happen to anyone.

Why Do They Prefer Carpets?

It’s actually not just carpets that these beetles / moths are attracted to. They like natural fibers and can be found in clothes and curtains or anything containing wool or silk. They possess the ability to digest keratin protein from these fibers - so if your carpet is silk or pure wool (or even wool-rich) then you are a likely target for them. They enjoy nesting in dark corners and areas under furniture or heavy appliances, laying their eggs in these areas and larvae casings in the carpet after the eggs hatch.

How Do You Get Rid of them?

If you have bald spots in your carpet and suspect you may have a moth / beetle infestation, your first call should be to a carpet cleaning professional. At Gator Clean, we will use a good dose of a safe, natural extermination agent to effectively eradicate these pests. The bald spots can be repaired using a cut from the same carpet from a hidden area or from any leftover carpet you have. Follow the treatment with regular vacuuming and scheduled cleanings and your moth / beetle issues will be long gone.

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