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Freshen Up Your Home For Fall In Central Florida.

It may not seem like it yet, but Autumn is in full swing! How to freshen your home for Fall. Autumn in Florida. The evenings are starting to cool down a lot more as the Fall breeze gently rolls over the Sunshine State, getting everyone in the mood for some fall weather. Though it might be a little warmer here than other states, we're starting to experience the cool down as well. Since Fall has made its appearance, it might be time to freshen up your home before the leaves start to fall in Central Florida.

An excellent place to start is what everyone sees before they come inside; the front door! It's not quite time for Christmas wreaths, but some fall colored assortments could work very nicely adorning the main entrance to your home. The subtle decorating doesn't have to stop at the door; it should blend into the entryway and the living areas throughout the house. A perfect light touch is a cinnamon-scented hay broom above the doorway to give a rustic, autumn look as well as give a rich scent to anyone who enters inside. Head to a local farmers market and pick up a couple of small pumpkins, gourds, and squashes to decorate around the outside of the front door as well!

Moving past the front door and into the rest of the house, it's a good idea to keep up the same fall color pattern when it comes to decorating. Stick to warm, neutral shades like browns, reds, oranges, and golds. Gold is an important color to remember when freshening up the home for fall because it automatically adds more warmth and a little more class to any room. If you're more of a pattern person, plaid/flannel is always a perfect go-to for a fall fabric. Whether it's a runner on the dining room table or a blanket draped over the sofa, flannel is a perfect touch once summer is over.

Touching back on the cinnamon-scented broom to decorate with, making sure your home smells like fall can make a big difference as well. Fireplaces give off a pleasant autumn scent, but for those of us in Central Florida, a fireplace isn't something we all have in our homes. Thankfully countless candle makers can recreate those smokey, thick, sweet scents that are typically found in mountain home on a crisp autumn evening. If you're not a candle fan, you can make your fresh fall scents by creating your stovetop potpourri scents with various spices and fruits, mainly cinnamon and apple.

These are just a few ways to air summer out of your home and embrace what fall will bring for us soon enough in Central Florida. So open up all your windows, light your candles, and turn on the fake fireplace on TV and get ready to enjoy a fresh new fall!

If you really want your house to get a fresh new start, now is the perfect time to schedule a whole-house odor removal by Gator Clean. Contact our office today for a free quote. 

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