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Keeping Carpet & Tile in Good Condition.

Keeping Carpet and Tile in Good ConditionThe condition of carpet and tile throughout your home are of utmost importance to your health, comfort and safety. Often we get so busy that we begin to overlook our carpet and tiles, or simply have them steam cleaned a couple times a year.

Regular vacuuming (especially in the summer months) has been proven to remove up to 80% of the dirt and debris accumulated in your carpet. The more regularly you vacuum your carpet, the longer it will maintain its as-new appearance.

Contrary to what some might believe, carpet detergents can actually cause more harm than good to the life of your carpet. You always want to avoid using detergents due to their tendency to gradually build up in the carpet, causing small amounts of dirt and debris to accumulate in parts of the carpet. Dry powders, on the other hand, use small porous beads to absorb the dirt and debris from the carpet tile, allowing it to be removed along with the dirt through regular vacuuming.

A majority of the dirt and debris that damages your carpet is tracked in from outdoors. When implemented correctly, tiered entryway products work to keep dirt, debris and moisture at bay by up to 80%. Tiered entryway products include recessed floors, metal grates, walk off tiles and entry mats.

A carpet cleaning maintenance program from Gator Clean in addition to the helpful suggestions listed above will greatly assist in establishing and maintaining an allergen free environment that will improve the overall health of your home. For more tile and carpet cleaning tips and services contact the experts at Gator Clean.

Keeping Carpet and Tile in Good Condition

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