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The horrifying truth of the ecosystem of your mattress.

On average, a person spends a third of their life asleep, and it's usually on the same mattress they've had for years. What lives in my mattress? Mattress ecosystem.  Most people have heard the salesman spiel on mattresses and how you should get a new one every ten years. Well, ten years is a pretty long time, an entire decade of having someone lying in it for up to 8 hours every day. That can lead to some pretty questionable stuff being left behind after you've woken up and gotten ready for the day.

Get ready to have your day ruined as we dive into the ecosystem that is your mattress!

Let's get the worst out of the way first. Your bed, right now, is covered in dead human skin, fungus, bacteria, grease, and even bugs. I know, I'm sorry, it was tough to type that and not want to put up a tent in the backyard - but we must continue.

Bugs. No one wants to hear they have bugs in their bed, but we do. Fortunately, these bugs aren't ones we can usually see with the naked eye because they are so tiny. That would be D. pteronyssinus, or more commonly referred to as dust mites. Under a microscope, these little buggers look fierce, but they hold a purpose in the crevices of your mattress. They help clean up all of that dead skin you shed while you're asleep.

The fungus among us isn't all that bad either. The fungus commonly found here is called A. penicilloides, and it too feeds off the dead skin cells left behind. But the fungus is more attracted to the fat left in the dead skin cells. A normal human skin cell contains too much fat for a dust mite to ingest, which is where the fungus comes in to absorb all that extra the mites couldn't finish.

The grease and the bacteria all come from our skin, sad to say. But again, this is a natural thing and isn't necessarily considered to be a dirty trait. Oily skin can create excessive excretion from the skin and cause natural oils to be absorbed by the bed.

So all in all, it sounds gross to know what all lurks on your mattress but it's all relatively normal. It is best to keep it as clean as possible, and there are many products available in bedding that can keep the dust mite/fungus count very low as it does cause some allergen issues. The ecosystem in your mattress is daily occurring thing, but it can be significantly cut down by having it cleaned and sanitized with low moisture cleaning by Gator Clean. 

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