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What is Encapsulation Cleaning?

Encapsulation CleaningEncapsulation cleaning (or "encap") is a cleaning method that fixes common commercial carpet cleaning problems by eliminating recurring wicking and spill stains. A crystallizing polymer encapsulates carpet soil, so routine vacuuming extracts the soil without leaving a sticky residue.

Most dry soil found in commercial settings is easily removed with routine dry vacuuming. Oily and sticky soils are the culprits that attract and hold dry soil on the surface, resulting in a dull, gray, ugly appearance. The first step in any effective carpet cleaning is counteracting sticky soils. Encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it to prevent it from attracting other soil. The encapsulated particles are then released from the fiber and easily extracted with regular vacuuming. Best of all, since there's no more dirt attracting residue left behind with encapsulation, your carpet stays cleaner longer.

Encapsulation CleaningEncapsulation is proven technology within the commercial carpet industry. Several of the nation's largest commercial carpet manufacturers recommend and use various forms of encapsulation cleaning products to maintain their commercial floor coverings. Encapsulation formulas come in different forms, including shampoo products, pre-treat rinses, and spot cleaners.

Products containing encapsulation polymer also come in dry foam shampoos, bonnet shampoos, traffic lane pre-treatment sprays and in spotters. But, no matter how much cleaning potential any product has, it must be used properly to achieve desired results. A professional encapsulation cleaning by a reputable carpet cleaning company is essential to the success of encapsulation.

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