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You'll Never Wear Your Shoes in the House Again

bacteria in carpetsMany people go through life and never think of this: what kind of invisible, disgusting nightmares are on the bottom of your shoes? Think about your day and the places you go and your kids go, everything you've stepped in at gas stations, parking lots and bathrooms. Ugh. Our shoes take a beating from germs and toxic chemicals every day, then we take them into our houses!

According to scientist at the University of Arizona our shoes are a magnet for some 421,000 different bacteria. The study notes that 96% of all shoes have the presence of coliforms which is found in feces. One alarming discovery is that 27% of shoes could make us very sick because the were found to be covered in E coli, and several different other bacteria that cause urinary track infections and respiratory infections. Some were so dangerous they were resistant to many common antibiotics.

Researchers also discovered large amounts of harmful toxins such as lawn chemicals, traces of gasoline, and cancer causing coal tar from asphalt roads. Everything we walk through on the street such as rain water contains all of these toxins we would never want to be in our homes. 

The researcher found a 90-99% transfer of bacteria from shoes to uncontaminated floors. The bottoms of our shoes have lots of nooks and crannies for bad things to hide.This means every time you walk inside of your door you've just brought every surface you walked on in with you. 

However, there is some good news that came out of the study. Washing your shoes in detergent in the washing machine greatly reduced the amount of bacteria and toxins by 90%. So there is no need to throw out those new shoes you just got for Christmas. They also recommended deep cleaning and disinfecting all floors with a steam cleaner or by a professional. 

The best way to make sure you don't bring the dangerous, toxic world outside into your home is to simply leave your shoes at the door. Kudos if you have already been doing this. 

As always Gator Clean can come to your rescue. We deep clean and sanitize all surfaces with our unique all natural cleaning process. Contact us to get a quote for your home today. 

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