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Buyer beware of low cost unlicensed carpet cleaners.

You wouldn't hire an unlicensed doctor and trust him with your health, and you wouldn't hire an unlicensed tax preparer and trust her with your money - so why risk hiring an unlicensed or uninsured carpet, flooring or furniture cleaner and trust them with the safety of your home and family? buyer beware of low cost carpet cleaners.

When you need to hire a carpet, flooring or furniture cleaning contractor for a project in your home, you might ask yourself if it really does matter whether or not your contractor is licensed, and you may be receiving what appears to be an economical offer to complete your cleaning project from a contractor not playing by the rules. But, beware, the risk you are taking in hiring the unlicensed carpet cleaning contractor could end up hurting you financially and putting your safety at risk in the long run.

Licensing and insurance requirements for contractors vary from state to state. Some states require a license and insurance; some don't. The rules can get confusing for you as the homeowner, and for some contractors, they get confusing too.

Contractors pay quite a hefty sum to be properly licensed and insured, which can make it difficult to compete with those who don't - yet, homeowners pay the ultimate price for choosing a contractor that is not licensed or insured.

If an unlicensed or uninsured contractor is trying to pull a scam on a homeowner, he could charge less for the project on the front end, slip and fall on your property and hurt himself and legally sue your insurance on the back end. You will end up footing the bill for his medical costs and lost wages - and still, have a project left undone.

Licensing proves that your carpet and flooring contractor has the knowledge and knows his trade. The last thing you want to deal with is mistakes made or things broken in your home after choosing an unlicensed contractor. The damage could mean needing to completely replace your flooring or furniture, or even misuse of dangerous chemicals causing future harm to your family's health.

If you need your floor cleaned contact the licensed professionals at Gator Clean. 

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