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Hire a Pro When Cleaning Terrazzo Floors.

Although terrazzo floors are not actually marble, their specific cleaning requirements are very much the same. Terrazzo floor cleaningTerrazzo flooring is made from a combination of marble chips and concrete. This floor style gained popularity during Roman and Venetian times when marble was commonly used for sculptures, furniture, and floors and there were leftover scraps.

Stonemasons, in those days, transported the marble scraps, mixed them with concrete and created an entirely different type of floor that was cleaned and polished using goat's milk. Terrazzo floors, much like marble, are expensive, delicate and relatively high maintenance.

We find that a common mistake our terrazzo floor customers make is treating the floor like granite. Terrazzo is much softer than granite - so they stain and wear more often, and the damage that occurs from handling them like granite is often extensive.

A thin layer of wax must be kept on terrazzo floors for protection, and acidic or abrasive cleaning products cause damage that's hard to bounce back from. An initial professional terrazzo floor cleaning surface often requires a complete buffing and refinishing of the entire surface.

Professional floor cleaning service personnel uses products and techniques specifically designed to keep terrazzo floors in tip-top condition and protect them from future damage and wear. Contact Gator Clean today for a free quote for your terrazzo floor cleaning.

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