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How to Know When Your Carpet Needs Restretching.

Carpet restretching Are you experiencing wrinkles, bumps, or ripples in your carpet? This is from the carpet becoming loose as time goes by. Gator Clean uses specialized tools called a power stretcher and a knee kicker to restretch your carpet and pull it tightly for a nice, smooth finish.

Once pulled tightly, the excess carpet is neatly trimmed with a special carpet knife called a “bloody Mary blade”. A bloody Mary blade is a specialized carpet knife with a double sided, extremely sharp razor blade. Once the carpet is trimmed, we hand tuck it and reattach it to the tack strip.

If your carpet has visible ripples, wrinkles and buckles, it is probably time for a restretching. If the signs are less obvious, like small bumps around heavy furniture, it may not be time to restretch yet. Carpet that can easily be lifted from the floor also needs to be restretched.

Try this simple test: go to the center of your room and try lifting the carpet by the fibers. If you’re able to get the carpet to raise more than an inch from the floor, restretching your carpet will be your best bet for maximizing the life of your carpet.

Often carpet restretching is for cosmetic reasons, but there is a safety factor involved too. Bumps and wrinkles can cause you to trip and are particularly dangerous for the elderly or those with disabilities. Restretching also maximizes the life of your carpet. Dust, dander and soil begins to settle in the areas near the bumps and ripples and this causes additional wear.

For an evaluation of your carpet’s restretching needs, contact the professionals at Gator Clean today.

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