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How to make doing the laundry a little less painful?

Cleaning the dryer vent may seem like an insignificant task, but did you know the Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that there are an estimated 16,500 fires, 12 deaths, and 350 injuries associated with clothes dryer fires every year? The CPSC also estimates over $104,000,000 in property damage each year as a result of clothes dryer fires.

Some common indicators of dryer vent problems are: dryer vent exhaust cleaning

• It takes more than one cycle to dry clothes.
• The dryer vent flapper does not open when the dryer is turned on.
• The clothes that come out of the dryer are hotter than normal.

Results of a properly cleaned dryer vent:

• Increased airflow will decrease drying time.
• Operating costs will be less.
• The life of the dryer will be extended.
• Frequency of repairs should be reduced.
• Peace of mind that there is one less risk of fire in the household.
• Clothing will dry at lower temperatures and in less time.
• This will help to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on clothing, extending their life.

Dryer vent inspections are more necessary now than ever before due to the complex and sophisticated construction of today’s homes. Newer houses commonly have dryers located away from outside walls - in kitchens, hall closets and bathrooms. These new locations mean that dryers are vented longer distances and the vents are installed with sharper bends and turns to navigate the structure of the home. Subsequently, dryer vents are more difficult to reach and they create more places where lint can build up and animals and birds can hide. The availability of dryers powered by natural gas is another reason why dryer vent inspections are more necessary. If a natural gas clothes dryer is vented improperly, deadly carbon monoxide can be forced back into a home.

For a thorough inspection and cleaning of your home’s dryer vent system, contact the professionals at Gator Clean today.

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