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Ozone Shock Treatment Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Home.

Ozone Shock Treatment, Odor removal There are countless ways to cover up odors, from deodorizing to air fresheners, and surface cleaning, but for odor removal that is permanent and uses no chemicals or cover ups, ozone shock treatment is a guaranteed way to eliminate tough odors for good.

Ozone shock treatment takes the ozone process to a level of complete elimination of noxious odors or toxic and harmful pollutants. Ozone shock treatment kills odors from cigarette smoke, pet urine, mold and mildew or any other source.

Because Ozone is a naturally occurring element, it is the absolute strongest available sterilization method in existence. It is made up of complete oxygen and after the sterilization process is complete, it reverts back to breathable oxygen in a relatively short period of time.

Ozone Shock Treatment works by killing the offending bacteria by rupturing the cell wall of the organism. It acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine as a bactericide cleaner and it is the absolute strongest available commercial air treatment.

For the most effective cleaning of your home or office with results that are permanent and healthy for the environment, contact Gator Cleaner today to discuss Ozone Shock Treatment.

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