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These Holiday Plants Can Be Toxic to Your Four Legged Friends.

toxic holiday plants for petsThe holidays should always bring good cheer, but there are few decorations pet owners should be aware of. While we love the traditional holiday plants that accent our shiny decorations, some can be harmful to our furry little friends. Pets are naturally curious about new things popping up all over the house, especially ones that they could potentially turn into a mid-day snack. Of course when your mouth is the only way to pick things up, many things can make a dog or cat sick.

There are some plants that can do more harm than others to our four legged family members. Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are actually mildly toxic if ingested but could leave a rash on an animal's sensitive skin.

Mistletoe on the other hand could do some damage to a dog or cat. When ingested they could have gastrointestinal upset, as well as slow heartbeat, change in mental function, and have a hard time breathing. It is recommended to keep these plants far out of reach of curious pets.

The Holly berry has been known to cause diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy and upset stomach. If your pet has ingested one of these berries they should be seen by your vet as soon as possible.

Two other plants to avoid around your beloved furbabies are Amaryllis and Daffodils. These can cause a variety of unwelcome symptoms including vomiting, loss of appetite, acting depressed and upset stomach.

The Gator Clean crew is wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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