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What’s Better for Allergies: Carpet or Hardwood Floors?

Allergy sufferers are always looking for ways to reduce the allergens in their homes so they can breath easier. What’s Better for Allergies, Carpet or Hardwood Floors The material on your floors could potentially contribute to or help reduce allergy triggers. Yes, sweeping and vacuuming can help, but you could stop sneezing fits just by changing the very floor under your feet.

It's a common misconception that hardwood or tile floors help reduce allergens. Actually, the opposite is true. It turns out that carpet can keep your allergies at bay by acting as a filter for all of the annoying little things that give you a stuffy nose. A properly cleaned carpet can even help prevent asthma attacks.

How does this work? You may be wondering. The answer is…science. More specifically, gravity. What goes up must come down, way down! When dust particles, pet dander. And pollen is in the air they eventually float down and settle all the way to the very bottom of your carpet. Then they are safely sucked up into the vacuum instead of up your nose.

When you have hardwood floors or even tile, the household particles keep getting kicked up as everyone walks around. It turns out carpet is a fantastic clean air filter after all.

Of course, no matter what kind of flooring you have in your home, keeping them clean is the best way to reduce allergens. We also recommend frequent deep cleaning for all floor types by a professional like Gator Clean.

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