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Why do we charge you to move your furniture?

moving furniture cleaning floorsWhen it comes to getting the most professional and thorough floor cleaning service for your home, you’re going to want absolutely every aspect covered and protected and most of all, super clean!

Before your carpet and flooring cleaner arrives, you can plan ahead by moving some of the larger items in your home like hutch cabinets, pianos, etc., but if you are planning to leave sofas, large tables, end tables, entertainment centers and other furniture, we are happy to move these items at an additional charge.

The last thing you want is to have only the exposed areas of your floors cleaned and the areas underneath furniture ignored. The areas underneath your furniture, especially if the furniture has been sitting in the same spot for a significant period of time are the areas that actually need the cleaning the most. These areas are perfect hiding spots for dust, dust mites, allergens and even spiders and insects that find these areas a haven for breeding and contaminating your home.

The extra charge to move your furniture covers you for the liability and protection in the case of any accidents occurring including nicks, scratches, etc.  People invest thousands of dollars into new carpets and furniture and cleaning and moving your furniture is protecting your investment.

Should you decide to move your furniture after having your carpet cleaned and your furniture hasn’t been moved, the coloration and condition of the carpet underneath your furniture will be vastly different than the exposed, cleaned carpet and the chances are higher that your entire carpet will need to be replaced.

The best thing you can do for yourself and the health and safety of your home, is safely move what you can into a garage area or under a carport, and any furniture remaining that you will need assistance moving, leave to Gator Clean!

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