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Why is Upholstery so much harder to clean than carpet?

upholstery harder to clean than carpetUnlike carpet cleaning, which requires a standard deep cleaning process and then drying, upholstery cleaning includes working with various delicate fabrics, specific cleaners for different types of fabrics and assessing any stains and spots.

First, with upholstery cleaning, we pre-condition the fabric, allowing emulsifying agents to clean stains and dirt. This is followed by an extraction and textile rinse, to thoroughly remove moisture and soil. High powered air movers are then used to accelerate drying time. If the upholstery fabric is cut pile, we use a special brush on the upholstery to groom the pile fabric leaving it looking like new.

Some tags on upholstered furniture says “dry clean only”. This protects the manufacturer from liability should any problems with standard cleaning occur. The fact is that there are thousands of types of upholstered furniture that by using the correct ph solution, heat and swift drying time, can actually be safely protected and cleaned causing no damage whatsoever.

By the time we leave after cleaning your upholstery, the furniture should be dry enough to sit on without waiting.

We also use a solvent based protectant on upholstery rather than a water based protectant preventing browning or water spots allowing the protectant to spread thoroughly and evenly.

If you are having a tough time getting out stubborn stains from your upholstery, contact the experts at Gator Clean for a free quote. 

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