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Why it is important to clean dryer vents regularly.

We've come a long way in drying our clothes, from outdoor clotheslines to top of the line electric dryers.Cleaning dryer vents. Dryers give users a warm set of sheets in just a few moments versus the hours it could spend on a line, depending on the weather. Although electric dryers come with this convenience, it's not something you want to plug in and ignore. Here you will find why it's important to have your dryer vents cleaned out regularly.

Cleaning out your dryer vents on a regular basis ensures that your dryer will be working efficiently and drying your clothes properly. A sign that you may need to clean out the vents is still feeling slight dampness in the clothes after the dryer finishes its cycle. Clogged vents prevent air flow, which means all those wet clothes are just going to be slightly less wet, and have an odor. Another thought to keep in mind is that a clogged vent runs the risk of creating a fire! Lint and other debris can find its way into the vents, which backs up exhaust gases and could ignite a fire.

Keeping up with dryer vent maintenance is very do it yourself. Cleaning out the lint trap and the outside vent cap is a simple and easy task, but it is recommended that you have your dryer professionally maintained at least once a year. The professional maintenance time does vary though, as for a single person it could be once a year, but a family of four may need multiple checkups.

Get in touch with your local professionals, Gator Clean, for a thorough cleaning of your dryer vents today! Rainy season is coming back, and no one wants to dry their clothes outside in a thunderstorm!

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