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You Get What You Pay For With Carpet Cleaning Too.

Carpet Cleaning prices Orlando"Why are you so expensive? I found another carpet cleaner who said they could do my whole house for $79.” Here at Gator Clean, we get asked this question often. Those $79.00 specials aren’t really all that great of a deal, once you dig in to the fine print.

It happens to customers all the time; you receive a flyer in the mail, a coupon in the paper, or see a TV advertisement with a low price. Then you call, and you experience the real deal. You schedule your carpet cleaning, feeling great about saving money! Then the tech gets to your home and tries to upsell you to a more expensive service.

Sometimes, it’s not just upselling, but something closer to bullying. These low prices are advertised to suck you in. The real money, and reason they advertise these prices, is because many people have a hard time just saying no. Sometimes you get recommended a genuine service you need (enzyme removal if you have a pet, for example). But more often than not, you find that the service special includes practically nothing. Want your stairs cleaned? That’s an extra charge. Pretreatment? That’s an extra charge too.

Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for”. This is true with many things, especially carpet cleaning. Gator Clean’s honest and upfront pricing will almost always beat out the competitor’s final price, and we truly care about our clients. Next time you’re shopping for a carpet cleaning company, read the fine print, and be sure to ask what’s included.

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