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Leave your vehicle upholstery cleaning to us!

Your car can hold many allergy triggers, such as dust and dirt dander, in fact, it can house as many allergens as your than your home does. Leave your vehicle upholstery cleaning to us! We seem to spend half our lives in our cars and even if you try very hard to keep it from getting dirty; food, dust, dander and other yucky things still get caught in all the tiny corners. Sneezing while driving with a good indicator you or your car contains a considerable amount of allergy triggers too.

Contaminates like soil, grease, and dirt are brought into your vehicle continually. Also, the natural oil from your skin and hair can cause damage to your upholstery after only a few months. If you have kids or pets you know they are like ticking time bombs for allergens.

Gator Clean uses the same processes that we use to clean your home's upholstery and applies it to your vehicle. This isn't just detailing, this is deep cleaning to make your car's interior like new again. The results are always stunning. We deep clean in places you've never even thought of to clean in your car. Our handheld tools are made just for vehicle interiors, and our technicians use powerful truck mounted steam cleaning systems to clean every little crevice of your vehicle.

For your convenience, we come to your home or business and cleans your vehicle on your schedule.

Contact Gator Clean today and get your car interior as clean as new, you will be glad you did!

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