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Treat Your Vehicle to a Brand New Clean!

Vehicle Upholstery cleaningDid you know that your car can hold just as many or more allergy triggers, dust and dirt than your home does? Lets face it, some of us practically live in our cars and even if you are doing all you can to keep it clean, dirt, food, dust and other surprising things still get caught in all the tiny crevasses. And if you've found yourself sneezing and driving chances are your car is chock full of allergens too. 

Soil, grease, and other contaminates are tracked into your vehicle on a daily basis. Not only that, the natural oil from your skin and hair can actually damage your upholstery over time. Of course if you have kids or pets you know a car can get seriously dirty in no time!

Gator Clean takes what they know about cleaning home interiors and applies it to cleaning vehicles. The results are like none you've seen before. We are talking deep clean in places you didn't even know existed in your car. With handheld tools made specifically for vehicle interiors, the technicians use powerful truck mounted steam cleaning systems to deep clean every inch. 

As an added bonus Gator Clean comes to your own driveway and cleans your vehicle at your convenience. 

So what are you waiting for? Call Gator Clean today and get your car interior as clean as new! 

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